Cruven Swordhand

Order of the Never-Ending Dawn Guild leader


Leader of The Order of the Never-Ending Dawn
Human – Fighter

Early Life
Born in the Kingdom of Mira, Cruven was trained from childhood how to fight by his father. Cruven’s village was attacked one night by a band of slavers, looking to capture and sell Cruven’s family and friends. Cruven’s father perished protecting Cruven as he escaped. Angry with his failure, Cruven dedicated his life to becoming stronger and fighting for justice. He joined the Mira military, gaining a reputation as someone willing to take risks. He made a lot of important connections and friendships, but was discharged for not following orders.

The Ceaseless Winter Campaign
After his time in the military, Cruven began his life as an adventurer, helping people in his travels. During his adventures, he met Roma, Reema, Jimmie, and Guy, who became his fellow party members in the campaign against The Winter Lich. Cruven triumphantly lead the party on a campaign against the Lich and stop it’s plans to plunge Gaea into an age of ice, destroying all life on the planet.

After his party was successful, Cruven retired from adventuring and married Roma. Together, they enjoyed their peaceful life together. They would travel around the world, helping people in need and dedicating their time to do good where it was needed. 15 years later, Cruven felt that for all the good the two were doing together wasn’t enough. He enlisted help from his friend Jimmie, and the three formed the adventuring guild The Order of the Never-Ending Dawn.

The Order of the Never-Ending Dawn

Cruven Swordhand

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